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That’s cool!  You have a factory-installed rack, and you want to put the SwitchBlade system with SmartCrossbars technology onto that factory rack.  We’ve put together a number of options for you to simplify the process while saving you some hard-earned money!

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These complete packages include a set of SwitchBlade crossbars, INNO AR Stays & locks, SmartStorage rack for your attachment and your choice of Adapter Kit:

- A Cargo Box adapter and Double SmartStorage Unit

- An Upright Bike Attachment adapter and a Double SmartStorage Unit

- A Ski Rack or Water Sports Attachment adapter and a Double SmartStorage Unit, or

- Two Fork Mount Bike Attachment adapters and two Single SmartStorage Units.

You’ll save a bunch of money and get a jump-start on your complete system.  Check out our other attachments and SmartStorage Units to enable all your gear to work in perfect harmony with your SwitchBlade system.


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    Better to Switch than Fight

    My Saab 9-3X wagon looks all the more stylish with the streamlined set of Switchblade crossbars that have been attached to the roof for the past few years. That time includes two snowy winters and the bars still look like brand new with no signs of corrosion at all. The very best thing about my Switchblade is that it’s super easy to switch out my gear attachments from one season to the next. Just a few weeks ago it took less than five minutes to switch out the ski racks that had been attached and replace them with a roof box that we’ll use for summer travel. And the storage unit makes it easy to hang the ski racks in the garage ready for use again next year.

    Thanks for developing such a great solution for those of us who play multiple sports and need different roof rack attachments to carry the gear from place-to-place!

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    The future of roof racks!

    I purchased my switchblade system (crossbars, mounts of ski rack, (2) bike racks, wall mount for ski rack and bike racks) in Nov 2012 to fit on my new BMW X3. Purchase was for use with two bikes or some skis. At the same time that I purchased the crossbars, I purchased new Thule foot podiums for use with the crossbars, a new Thule skis pack and (2) new Thule bike racks. This review covers daily driving with the rack, approximately (20) uses with the bikes, approximately (25) uses with the ski rack – to include a 2,000 mile trip to ski in Colorado.

    General: The crossbars are well made and very nice. The color (dark grey) is great and matches everything without being boring black. There is obvious attention to detail in the construction of the crossbars. The system works by unlocking and then rotating the left endcap of the front crossbar counter-clockwise to allow the attachment to slide into the notch on the front crossbar, you then rotate the endcap clockwise to lock the attachment in. There is a total of 5 notches in the crossbar, so you have your choice of where to place each attachment. The rear crossbar has 5 notches as well, but it does not have a locking mechanism – the notches just keep the attachment from sliding around. The locking mechanism is solid and keeps the attachment in place securely. When rotating the endcap to lock the attachment into the front crossbar, my endcap does not line up perfectly – it ends up being just barely out of alignment, but securely locks the attachment into place.

    Installation: I initially installed the system with a wide distance between the two crossbars, which worked fine, but blocked a portion of the giant sunroof on the X3. I later moved the front crossbar back to coincide with a structural bar in the roof of the X3, which is where it sits now – the bars are approximately 35” apart and fairly far back on the vehicle. Installation took a few hours, mostly due to my ensuring that the rack was tight and would not go anywhere. Install can be annoying, especially ensuring that the crossbars are on the same plane/parallel with eachother. I did the entire install on my own, but it would have been much easier with someone else to help. After moving the front crossbar back to its current location, I have not made any adjustments. I have checked the bars a few times to ensure the screws didn’t come loose and they are still tight and perfect.

    Driving without attachments: My wife or I drive the X3 on a daily basis and have put approximately 11,000 miles on the car since the installation of the crossbars. The system does create some wind noise, but not an extremely significant amount. Fuel economy is slightly affected too, it seems that our overall average decreased by about 0.5-1 MPG after install of the crossbars – this is quite a bit better than the other brands of crossbars, which average 1-2 MPG decrease without attachments and quite a bit more with attachments. The crossbars look clean and fit with the overall nature of the car. We have gotten quite a few compliments on them and please always seem to be asking about them.

    Skis: Attaching the ski rack is quick and easy – it takes about 60 from the time that I remove the ski rack from the wall to the time that it is locked safely on the roof. The ski rack hangs on the wall of the garage out of the way and it is super clean and effective. We drove to Colorado from California, approximately 1,000 miles each way with skis in the rack. During the drive, we drove up to 90 mph and there was no problem.

    Bikes: On a daily basis, we store our bikes on the Thule bike carriers hanging on the wall. When we want to go somewhere, I just pull the entire bike (with the bike still attached to the bike carrier) off the wall and slide it onto the crossbars. Time to get both bikes from the wall mounts to the roof rack is approximately 2 minutes. I’ve driven up to 85 mph with the bikes on the roof and no problems.

    Durability: Some of the small set-screws have developed a minor bit of rust, but nothing that concerns me. The end caps for the crossbars are not incredibly tight and I can easily pull them off with my hand, but they do not seem to be vulnerable to flying off while driving.

    Overall: The switchblade crossbar system is an excellent piece of equipment and I have recommended it without reservation to everyone I know that needs a roof rack. The rack works perfectly and allows you to drive around with an empty roof rack (no attachments) when you don’t need to carry anything. After having it for a while, I now shake my head at all of the people driving around with multiple attachments on their traditional racks – I saw a guy yesterday had a ski rack, a kayak rack and (2) bike rack attachments on his 4runner…I had no attachments because I didn’t need to carry anything on the roof that day. This system is a bit more expensive that just buying Thule or Yakima crossbars, BUT you will absolutely get your money back in fuel saving by not having to carry around all of your empty roof rack attachments. The system is well designed and effective – the wall hangers for the attachments are great and work well. I have no complaints and recommend this without reservation. Tom is great, as are all of the other people at Wasatch Powder Monkeys – I hope they go on to have a successful business!

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