50 Switchblade Crossbars
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Nothing On My Roof Packages

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Got it!  There’s nothing at all on the roof of your vehicle, and you want to install a full SwitchBlade system with SmartCrossbars technology.  We’ve put together a number of options for you to simplify the process while saving you some hard-earned money!

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Product Description

These complete packages include a set of SwitchBlade crossbars, INNO SU Stays & locks, INNO SU Fit Hooks, SmartStorage rack for your attachment and your choice of Adapter Kit:

- A Cargo Box adapter and Double SmartStorage Unit

- An Upright Bike Attachment adapter and a Double SmartStorage Unit

- A Ski Rack or Water Sports Attachment adapter and a Double SmartStorage Unit, or

- Two Fork Mount Bike Attachment adapters and two Single SmartStorage Units.

You’ll save a bunch of money and get a jump-start on your complete system.  Check out our other attachments and SmartStorage Units to enable all your gear to work in perfect harmony with your SwitchBlade system.


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    Stylish and durable

    I’ve got a pair of SwitchBlade crossbars on my Toyota Tacoma and they are great! Super stylish, durable, and quiet. The mounting system is so convenient that I prefer using it over legacy rack systems. I accidentally drove into a parking garage and left my bike mounts on the top of my truck. OUCH! I was bummed because I ruined the legacy bike racks but the smart cross bars system held and still work perfectly. Thanks WPM! I”d recommend these to anyone!

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    2000 Subaru Outback Sedan

    Ok, so I’m a SoFlo native whom, at age 26, moved to Denver. In South Florida almost nobody has hard racks compared to this part of the country. I had only ever had to use soft racks that sit right on the roof for my surfboards. Used ‘em for years. Very simple.

    When I was preparing to move west I realized that jumping into the world of roof rack purchases, set-up, and systems could become pretty mind boggling there for a minute. And none of the systems seemed to be able to swap out attachments without a good bit of doing. That seemed like a pretty serious consumption of time, and being used to living where the swell may only be around for a couple hours, I understand that sense of urgency one gets when they are getting stoked to ride out.

    That”s when I came across Wasatch Powder’s Smart Xbars. Holy cow! What a concept. Why hasn’t anyone else thought of this? It will interface with most major brands in the game already. These include Thule, Yakima, and Inno so you’re guaranteed to be able to fit any attachment you can think of. I actually use Rocky Mounts myself. Works great. I took my board rack (the LiftOp Medium) off and had my two bike racks (both Pitchforks) on and locked in under 5 minutes. Took that long partially cause I stopped to talk to my neighbor.

    The customer service is pretty jammin’ too. I messaged the customer service email with some questions and got a response that day within a few hours from Chief Powder Monkey himself, Tom Vollbrecht. This guys is awesome. I was in a real time crunch and he made himself available, even giving me his direct phone number, to help me get the parts I needed from Park City, Utah to West Palm Beach, FL and on my car in time to meet my departure date. He was able to answer all my questions, at times explaining an installation step or two over the phone for a couple minutes.

    The Smart Xbars and their locking system on these aerodynamic blades are reliable and nice to look at too. Definitely a bit of a different look than most systems I see. But the bottom line is that you’re going to be using an excellent, efficient, versatile, reliable product from an excellent, efficient, versatile, reliable group of people who love to peddle trails, shred pow, and paddle their hearts out just as much as you do. You can’t go wrong!

    Oh and one last thing. If you need an adapter that they don”t currently manufacture or carey, they will work with you and even fabricate it for you if necessary. That’s what we had to do when I got a larger set of board racks.

    Big thanks to Tom and the rest of the Wasatch Powder team!

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