QuickDraw Rod Case

Quick Draw Fly Rod Case

We’ve traveled thousands of miles and talked to many fly fishing enthusiasts about our fly rod case design.  The verdict is in, and people are super excited about it.  Based on all the generous feedback on the prototype you see in the pictures below, we’re now taking  pre-production orders at reduced prices as we move the project forward for this made-in-USA case.  Dozens of these have already sold, so don’t miss out on the best pricing that will ever be available for this user-driven design. Prices go up at the end of each month.

The final version will hold 4 fully assembled 10′ rods, be fabricated from high-quality, heavy duty, rigid, extruded aluminum with built in stringers, box beams and hinges for a tight-tolerance, quality case that will carry our “unconditionally guaranteed, no questions asked” lifetime guarantee!  We’re also now thinking the case will include a rear-opening reel box, and it along with the front nosecone will likely be fabricated here in Utah from carbon fiber!

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Rod Case Prototype on car

We’ve set up the following tiered pricing.  Please note that prices go up each month, so act soon if you’re interested:

Price:       Date price expires:         Discount code at checkout:

$198         October 31, 2014           rodcase198

$248         November, 30 2014       rodcase248

$298         December 31, 2014       rodcase298

$348         January 31, 2015              rodcase348

$398         February 28, 2015           rodcase398

$448         March 31, 2015                rodcase448

Once it’s in production, this case will retail for $499, so these are great values!

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We also reserve the right to eliminate this offer at any time as we gauge interest and production capacity.  The first run will be available by the end of April, 2015; those at the front of the queue will get them first.  This timeframe provides adequate runway to build the tooling, manufacture, assemble and ship the units (see below for detailed timeline).  If you are in the inter-mountain region, we will plan to deliver the units personally.  If you are outside this area, there will be an additional LTL freight charge of around $45 to ship the cases.

The cases will fit on virtually any roof rack, but if you want to enjoy the quick release functionality (see video below), you’ll need to use our SwitchBlade crossbars.  Anyone purchasing one of the cases under this pricing structure will be also be eligible to purchase a set of SwitchBlade crossbars for $249; these retail for $329 – $349.  We’ll send you a discount code once you’ve purchased the case.

Please contact us directly if you have any questions! email:  info@wasatchpowdermonkeys.com  Phone: 435-200-3040

Here’s more information about the case:

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Case on Subaru - hinge side front

The Problem:

Piecing together ferrules, extracting the reel from its own case and attaching it, pulling line through guides, tying on a leader, attaching a fly and additional tackle… Given the choice, would you rather be (a) standing in the parking lot, building up your rod, or (b) in the river catching fish?

I’ve spent the past 10 months talking to enthusiasts, guides and shops to understand the limitations of existing rod cases. The goal was to understand the problems so that a total solution could be designed for enthusiasts to provide them more time and opportunities to fish.

Most people build up and break down their rods at the beginning and end of their sessions.  This time consuming activity cuts into valuable fishing time, making shorter fishing sessions impractical because of the time needed to set up and tear down. In other words, that 1 hour time slot after work is a non-starter.

Several commercial cases and a bevy of home-made solutions exist for those wishing to leave their rods assembled.  Although each of these methods allow you to transport multiple rods fully assembled, they also have drawbacks including damage to the finish on rods, broken tips, difficult installation, reduced gas mileage and wind noise.

Case on Subaru

A User-driven Solution:

Over-and-over, we heard enthusiasts tell us they want a fully-built rod case that protects the finish on the rod, won’t break the rod tip, won’t allow the hook to become caught on the case and holds 4 rods and reels.

So that’s what we’ve built… a time-saving (more time fishing), functional, beautifully designed, easy to use case that is secure but comes off the roof in seconds (when used in conjunction with the patent pending SwitchBlade crossbars).

The prices we’re offering for these pre-production contributions are substantially below what they will at retail where they will be $499.  This is a great deal and an opportunity to help bring this innovative, time-saving approach to the fly fishing community.

The Quickdraw Case has been designed in Solidworks, and prototyped with 3D printing and aluminum sheeting.  The final version will be made of extruded aluminum, which is rugged, light and strong. The custom shape is designed to be aerodynamic and match the aesthetics of modern vehicles. End caps will be made from injection molded nylon. It will also include a single action locking mechanism.

Case on Subaru - hinge side


  • This offer will end at some point as production becomes imminent.
  • We’ll take approximately 2 weeks to finish edits to our CAD design.
  • Construction of the custom extrusion die will take about 4 weeks…
  • Followed by 6 weeks to complete the extrusion for the initial product run.
  • Injection molds for the end caps will be completed in parallel with the extrusion die (see above).
  • We are allowing 60 days for fabrication and assembly of the rod cases.
  • We anticipate delivery in April, 2015.

Why We Can Get This Done

We’re the same people who created the SwitchBlade Roof Rack System, so we’ve done this before.  The SwitchBlade system is available on REI.com, Backcountry.com and Amazon.com.  Designing, prototyping and bringing products to market is what we do.  And, everything we make is built right here in Utah in the USA!

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