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A Multitude of roof rack manufacturers

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The roof rack industry is dominated by a couple of large companies, but that doesn’t mean consumers don’t have other options.  Let’s take a look at the various participants in the market along with their offerings.   Towers / Stays Manufacturers The mechanism that mounts directly to your roof or to your factory rails is call a tower or stay.  These “base” systems are manufactured by a wide variety of firms.  While few manufacturers provide every potential solution, this chart should jump-start your search for alternatives that apply to...

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Hitch Rack Hazards Versus Roof Racks

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The first receiver hitch racks came to the market about 20 years ago in the mid-1990s. The growth in their use has increased quickly in recent years, and as many as 40% of vehicles now have receiver hitches. While they are convenient, these hitch-mounted racks pose a number of issues the roof racks do not have. Some dangers are to your gear, but some hit closer to home. Rear-end accident statistics By some measures, a rear end collision happens every 8 seconds in the United States. There are approximately 250 million registered vehicles in...

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Legendary Scopes Make The Grade

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Leupold & Stevens, Inc. manufactures telescopic sights, binoculars, and spotting scopes. It is a family owned company that has headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon since 1907. Fred Leupold was the founder along with brother-in-law Adam Voelpel. A short time later they brought in a third partner, J.C. Stevens. Sons Robert Stevens and Marcus Leupold also came on board to help their dads run the company. There is a legend that says Marcus Leupold went deer hunting, but completely missed his target due to the rifle scope fogging up. He...

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Do You Hunt? Some Facts about ACOG Rifle Scopes

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The Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight is very popular among other scopes. This kind of telescopic sights is used by various groups of people. Those can be soldiers, hunters and marksmen. The ACOG is produced in many reticles. It is possible to choose any of available ones. This sight possesses a very important advantage over other types. This advantage is a battery, which is absent and so the charge is not necessary at all. This is the good news for those people, who like hunting for many hours. There is no need to worry about extra batteries....

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Packing a cargo box on your roof rack

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Packing a cargo box on your roof rack If you’ve never considered a cargo box on your vehicle’s roof rack, it’s high time that you did. They are versatile, rugged and add a ton of packing space. Let’s take a quick look at some of the ways you can make good use of this extra space along with a few tips on safely using them. Uses There are just so many ways to use a roof top cargo box, this will have to be an abbreviated list. The size of the box you can get away with depending on your vehicle. Even the smallest of cargo boxes can add as much as...

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History of Roof Rack Cross Bars

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Fifty years ago there was little emphasis on the design and efficiency of roof rack cross bars.  Let’s take a short look at the history of these very useful vehicle additions. The early days: The earliest vehicle racks were known as “luggage racks.”   These simple racks allowed consumers to strap their baggage to the outside of their cars for extended trips. Many of the early solutions were the products of machinists and their machine tools who had the expertise to create utilitarian racks.  The material of choice was generally galvanized...

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How Roof Racks Attach to Vehicles?

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I seem to get a lot of questions about how my roof rack stays on my car.  I think it is because it is affixed to my roof differently than most roof racks.  Let’s walk through the various ways this happens. Factory Racks: Many vehicles, particularly sport utility vehicles, come with a roof rack already installed these days.  In the industry, these are called factory racks or OEM racks, which stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer.  There are several companies that build these racks, which are then sold to large manufacturers such as Ford...

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Bike Rack Options

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Bicycling is the second most popular outdoor activity in America by frequency of participation. In 2010, Americans ages 6 and older went on 2.44 billion bicycling outings, averaging 58 outings per bicyclist according to the Outdoor Foundation.  In fact, the number of Americans who ride bicycles is greater than all those who ski, golf, and play tennis combined according to the National Sporting Goods Association. That’s a lot of biking, and a lot of people need to find ways to transport their equipment on their vehicles.  Let’s take a look at...

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Vehicle rack alternatives

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Often times outdoor enthusiasts want to transport items that are just too big to fit in their vehicles; bikes, skis, paddle boards… You’ve been there, right?  When you start to do the research, there seem to be an overwhelming number of choices.  Let’s see if we can help you understand the various options along with the good and the bad of each one. Where to put my stuff: Generally speaking, there are three main places you can configure a “rack” on your vehicle.  You can put it on your roof, known as a “roof rack,” on your trunk lid, known as...

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Roof rack fairings have hidden costs

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Why do people put those fairings up on their roof racks? Most do so to eliminate wind noise (more on that in a minute), but some do it just because of the way it looks, and it gives them a place to put all those outdoor branded stickers. But there is a real and costly impact to putting that fairing up there. Wind noise: The main culprit that causes wind noise from roof racks is vibration of the crossbar. As the vehicle speeds up, air flowing across the surfaces can set up harmonic sounds emanating from them, which can be annoying. One way to...

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